Recently I joined the Shyorinjikenpo club, which is a kind of Japanese defensive art. We practice punching air and yelling until my throat goes dry everyday after school.

I’ve made so many good friends and have become like a celebrity at the school. Lest to say, the days fly by.

I also recently experienced the school “dragon” festival, Jinryusai, which is a festival of school culture. It was crazy fun, and my class sold out of delicious Costco cupcakes before the festival was even half way through. I think my favourite part of the day was when the teachers sung “Johnny B” and everyone was cheering them on like rock stars.

Right now is the rainy season, and sometimes the weather feels like I’m walking around in a sauna all day the humidity is so bad, and I left my good umbrella on the bus, but I feel at home here.

It’s hard to believe that three months have already past. I’m worried the next seven months will go by equally as fast, and yet I can’t wait to see what they will bring.