I’ve had tons of fun during this short time that I’ve been in Japan.

After all of the exchange students were split up and sent to our host families. On the second day of being with my host family, they took me to Osaka for around 4 days, where we went to lots of fun and interesting places. We went to many temples and shrines as well as going to Kyoto for a day and visiting the international manga museum, where they had manga from all over the world. They also had manga dating back to the 1940s or sometime around then. During our stay in Osaka we also spent a full day at Universal Studios Japan, which was fun. My favourite ride was a new one called the flying dinosaur. We also took the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka, we also returned to Tokyo the same way.

My school is great, I love it and the people at it. I have made many new friends during the two weeks that I have been at school, and I look forward to making more as time goes on. I have also been placed into the year twelve equivalent, so everyone is my age which makes it easier to make new friends. One thing that I found interesting is that from 8am to 9am, all Global high students must read the newspaper and then discuss what has been happening in the world. I have also given my self-introduction in front of my classmates so many times, that they know it and often say it with me whenever I am asked to say it.